Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nixon's 1st Beach Day

My close friend and former college roommate BreAnna is an amazing photographer and recently decided to pursue her passion for film by starting a photography business.  BreAnna photographed Nixon a month or so after she came home from the NICU, and the shots she took are, to this day, some of my favorites. I’m still not sure how she is so masterfully able to capture my daughter’s personality, but one look at her work and it’s obvious that she commands the camera.

BreAnna took these at the beach near her house in the Belmont Shores area of Long Beach. It was Nixon’s first trip to the beach, and she was beautiful in her fearlessness. She ran right up to the water, let the waves lick her legs, and when they knocked her over she laughed, splashed, and played in the salty water. Even after shoveling a handful of sand into her mouth and realizing it didn’t taste very good, Nixon had a blast.  She was so fascinated and curious. It was such a special time, and Adam and I loved watching her excitedly explore the beach, and I’m so happy BreAnna was there to capture the moment.
My little Strawberry!
Nixon discovering wet sand

She LOVED the sand and how it felt when she rubbed it into her skin. She did not however like the way it tasted!!!

This is my absolute favorite!

Adam being a good sport about posing for a picture!
Nixon was naked after we rinsed her off and removed her sandy swim suit.

Silly Face
I cannot get enough of this face!!!

Nixon eating her favorite: Barrrrrbque Pirate's booty

Posing on the Strand after lunch at Tequila Jacks

I love Nixon's Cindy Loo Who hair!
Seriously! Could she be any cuter?

Nixon Loves BreAnna too! 
She kept reaching out to give her hugs!

Thank you again BreAnna for enabling me to obsess over how adorable my daughter is, and enshrine her in photographs while I can. I don’t know what I’m going to do when she turns into a moody teenager who is too cool to pose for a picture! Thank God those days are quite a few years away.

To see more of BreAnna's work, or to set up your own photo shoot, check out Her Facebook Page



There are a lot more pictures to come, so check back for updates! 


  1. such awesome shots!!! <3 love it!!!

  2. Those pictures are awesome. Captures how beautiful her eyes are!


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