Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It’s official: Adam and I have made it through our first week here in Louisiana, and I am excited to report that we absolutely LOVE IT. Here is an account of last week in a nutshell:

Tuesday: After driving at a maximum speed of 65 towing a trailer, we make it to my dad’s house in Zachary.

Wednesday: Adam and I meet our new friends Ashley and Kyle for dinner at Sammy’s. NOM NOM NOM

Adam trying his first crawfish

Ashley ordered pasta

Kyle and his huge plate of crawfish

Thursday: Adam goes fishing with my cousin Michael and he catches the 2 biggest bass of the trip.

My handsome hubby loves to fish!

Friday: Adam, armed with a couple addresses for potential jobs I found for him on craigslist, heads out at 6:30am to find a job. Within two hours the first person he had interviewed with calls and asks if he can start Monday, at a pay rate almost equal to what he was making in Orange County! We are all SO proud of him!

Later, Adam and I get horribly lost on the wood-lined roads to Kyle and Ashley’s house in Walker. What should have been a 30 minute ride stretches out into an hour and a half. Once we eventually make it, Ashley and Kyle introduce us to Nick and Andrew. Adam and Kyle both come to the realization that the women they love could be hypochondriacs. Ashley and I beg to differ.

Saturday: Adam and I head over to meet up with Kyle and Ashley and get turned around again! Once we finally make it to Walker, Ashley, Kyle’s mom Mrs. April and I get pedicures and have lunch at Subway, while Adam, Kyle and Nick head out to get fishing lures at Bass Pro and eat wings at Hooters.



After lunch Adam and I went with Ashley and Kyle to pick up Adam’s new man-dog Levi.

Levi was Ashley’s Maw maw’s dog, but his puppy energy was just more than she could handle. We had always planned for Adam to get a man dog once we were settled in, but when the opportunity knocked a little earlier than we had anticipated, we couldn’t help but to open the door. Levi is a great dog and we love him to pieces!

Levi Loves Adam!

Saturday night, after we had supper at Daddy’s (he made fried catfish and hushpuppies), Adam and I headed out to Ashley’s mom’s property in Pride. It had rained for the past two days, and it was too wet for a bonfire, so we opted to stay on the patio. Ashley introduced us to their friend Beau, and Nick’s girlfriend Carley. The most exciting part of the night was when the dogs (Levi and his brother Harley) started chasing an armadillo. All of us loaded up onto the bed of Ashley’s mom’s flatbed truck and started looking for more armadillo to shoot. Ashley’s mom drove us into the woods, and we were hanging onto the sides of the truck and each other, looking for armadillo, rabbits and pretty much anything else the boys could shoot at. It was so exciting. We didn’t actually end up finding anything, but the hunt was a big thrill for sure.

Adam and Levi

Nick and Carley

Ashley and Kyle

Ashley and Carley

Adam playing with Harley and Levi

I love my Husband!

Sunday: Adam and I take our little sister Skyler, and the two big dogs Levi, and Shiloh to the dog park in Denham Springs. We find out the hard way that Shiloh gets car sick, and poor Skyler has to be hosed off at the gas station before we made it to the park.

Poor Sklyer!

Skyler loves the slides at the dog park!

Adam had built Levi a dog house only to learn Sunday that Levi would rather just sleep on the ground in the yard.
Levi and Shiloh

Sunday night we joined the rest of the family at church in Slaughter to watch our little brother Austin sing in the choir. He did a great job and we are very proud of him!

Monday: Adam has a great first day at work and scores his first side job for Wednesday night after work putting crown in a house with one of his co workers!

Also, I am proud to announce that Reagan and Roosevelt (Baby Bear) have been mating since we got here, so we should have a litter of puppies come July!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

After some adjustments to the trailer we're towing our stuff in we're finally on our way! We should make it to Louisiana by late Monday.

Friday, April 16, 2010


We're all packed up and ready to roll! I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous, but my excited anticipation of what's to come outweighs my anxiety of the unknown. I can't wait to make new friends and start our new life in Louisiana.

It's taken all of my strength not to break down this past week as I've said my good-byes, and I hope my California friends know that they have been a blessing to me over the years, and I will always value the love and support they've continually offered. I plan on getting some kind of webcam ASAP so we can all skype, and hopefully, through that forum, Facebook, and this new blog, we can continue to grow our friendships despite the 1800 miles between us.

I look forward to visits from all of you, whether for Mardi Gras, SEC football games, or just so you can get a taste of all the South has to offer. Adam and I will undoubtedly be back soon for holidays and weddings, so this isn't a "Good-bye", this is a "See you later!"

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